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Coming together for a greener future

The Green Hydrogen Hub currently comprises three partners Eurowind Energy A/S, Danish state-owned Energinet (through its subsidiary Gas Storage Denmark), and Corre Energy.

Together, we aim to establish a complete Power to X (PtX) value chain to contract with renewable wind and solar developers and convert that energy into green hydrogen complemented by underground energy storage.

Eurowind Energy A/S

Eurowind Energy is a Danish company, which has evolved into being a leading developer and operator of PV and wind turbine projects. Eurowind Energy will together with other partnerships develop the hydrogen facility to create the optimal conditions for storing wind and solar energy.

Corre Energy

Dutch headquartered Corre Energy will be the lead developer of the hydrogen-fuelled CAES facility and coordinate development across the entire project, leading key commercial and funding activities. With over 30 years of collective renewables and storage development experience, it is developing a pipeline of hydrogen-based storage projects with electrolysis in Europe.


Through its subsidiary, Gas Storage Denmark will be developing the underground hydrogen storage. Gas Storage Denmark, which is part of Energinet, is already operating Denmark’s two underground gas storages and has more than 30 years of experience with large-scale, underground storing of natural gases.

The Company CEOs

Keith McGrane

CEO - Corre Energy

Keith McGrane, CEO of Corre Energy, and a pioneer and thought leader in mass-scale energy storage. Keith has over 15 years’ experience of working on grid-scale long-duration energy storage projects across Europe, achieving significant investment from the EU Commission throughout his career.

Jens Rasmussen

CEO - Eurowind Energy

Jens Rasmussen is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Eurowind Energy, set up in in 2006. Rasmussen is an educated electrical technician and has built his career within the wind industry, with more than 20 years’ experience in the wind power and the renewable energy industry.

Adam Elbæk

CEO - Gas Storage Denmark

Adam Elbæk is the Chief Executive Officer at Gas Storage Denmark. He is an experienced business manager with a profound 15+ years’ experience within Energinet, Gas Storage Denmark as well as the Danish utilities and infrastructure sectors in general.