About Us

Accelerating the energy transition

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark aims to be the first fully commercially viable, 100% green, large-scale hydrogen production, storage and CAES solution.

GHH aims to expand across Europe and the rest of the world, staying fully aligned with Europe’s Green Deal ambitions to develop hydrogen and energy storage networks to enable the integration of renewables, the development of sectoral integration and the circular economy.

This will be a European flagship green energy project, accelerating the energy transition, promoting the deployment of hydrogen technologies globally, and establishing Europe as a leader in the cross-sectoral integration of renewable energy.

Electrolysis hydrogen production and long-duration underground storage

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark is in Northern Jutland, Denmark, where large caverns suitable for storage of hydrogen are created in salt deposits.

Our location is close to existing energy infrastructure, including the high-voltage electricity transmission grid, the gas transmission network and underground gas storage and wind resourced in the Northern Seas Region.

Our electrolysis capacity targets are:

Year 2025 – 350MW
Year 2030 – 1,000MW

Our hydrogen capacity targets are:

Year 2025 – 200GWh
Year 2030 – 400GWh

Our hydrogen CAES targets are:

Year 2025 – 320MW
Year 2030 – 320MW


Corre Energy develops mass-energy storage facilities which are composed of assets (storage technologies), designed to provide various wholesale and retail storage solutions and services to the energy market.

Eurowind Energy A/S (EWE) is a Danish company, which has evolved into being a leading developer and operator of PV and wind turbine projects. They are involved in PV and wind turbine investments across Europe.

Gas Storage Denmark A/S owns and operates Denmark’s two underground gas storage facilities – the aquifer pore storage facility at Stenlille in the central part of Zealand and the salt cavern facility at Lille Torup in northern Jutland.

Strategic Partners

Everfuel is producing green hydrogen for zero-emission mobility, designed to be commercially available across Europe. They offer competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply and fueling solutions.