Meet the CEO's

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark is built on collaboration, bringing together thought leaders from key European projects to develop our vision of sustainability and innovation. Learn more about the team behind the Green Hydrogen Hub’s essential mission today.

Accelerate the integration of renewables

Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark aims to be the world’s first project to combine large-scale green hydrogen production with two large-scale energy storage solutions, underground hydrogen storage and compressed air energy storage (CAES).

The GHH Consortium has spent the past 3 years positively engaging with the Danish Government and European Commission to accelerate the integration of renewables through innovation.

A crucial step for Denmark

The Green Hydrogen Hub Consortium is a crucial step for Denmark, bringing together unity of the energy sector to lead the development of the green hydrogen circular economy and enable the integration of renewable energy globally.

Together, we will make a substantial mitigation against climate change.

“Affordable solutions to achieve decarbonisation is a critical component to achieving Denmark’s long-term transition to clean sustainable energy, and our commitment to a green circular economy.” - Keith McGrane, Corre Energy CEO

A pathway for a sustainable future for Denmark

At the GHH Consortium, we recognise the enormous potential of green hydrogen and the potential impact on our society as speed, innovation, and thought leaders mould our resources to match the growth needed to stabilise renewable energy generation.

Our ambitious plan aims to unite industry leaders and organisations to work collaboratively with provincial and national Governments, developing a pathway for a sustainable future for Denmark and the world at large.